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A M Leonard Cape Cod Weeder Review

The Snarky Gardener has a new weeder and wants to tell you all about it.

A.M. Leonard's Cape Cod Weeder
A M Leonard’s Cape Cod Weeder. Click here to purchase.

A M Leonard's Cape Cod WeedeI recently acquired a new gardening tool, the A.M. Leonard Cape Cod WeederA.M. Leonard's Cape Cod Weeder.  First impression out of the box was it’s very sturdy and felt good in my hand.  Next impression was it resembled a cross between a putt-putt golf club and a pirate’s hook (what is it with me and pirates?).  Of course I had to play with it a little bit, putt-putting our abundance of crab apples around the yard.  Then I got down to business, figuring out how to properly wield it.

I specifically ordered this weeder with an extended handle (24″ instead of the standard 12″) so I could dig narrower furrows from a standing position.  Also, I was searching for something that could let me reach my 4 foot by 8 foot hugelkultur beds without resorting to climbing on top or put my foot on them.   As you can see below, the Cape Cod Weeder (on the right) did both well.

Standard hoe on left and Cape Cod Weeder on the right
Standard hoe on left and Cape Cod Weeder on the right.

My next task was to do some actual weeding (’cause that’s in the name and all).  Being October, there are two things we do here in Northeastern Ohio: plant garlic and cry because the Browns are already out of the playoffs (which helps with watering the garlic).  To prep the bed, weed removal was needed first.  I really like my weeds (I know, very weird) especially the Creeping Charlie that spreads everywhere (good ground cover and edible don’t you know).  It’s very viney and doesn’t come up with a standard hoe well but as you can see below, the hook just rips it out with aplomb (but not a plum).


The garlic planting itself went well also, as the Cape Cod Weeder is a good tool to have at your side while you’re on the ground.  I was able to loosen up dirt and dig a nice deep yet narrow groove for my garlic cloves. With the longer handle, my reach was better and I didn’t have to move around as much, which my middle-aged body appreciated.  Like I said, a great experience overall.

Of course as I was getting to know my new tool, I came up with a few improvements:

  1. Orange on the handle (like A.M. Leonard’s Soil Knife) so it’s easier to find (I lose things easily under all my weeds).
  2. An even longer handle (maybe another foot) so I can weed and furrow whilst standing (I’m 6’3″ for goodness sake).

Strange thing that only happens to me:  I kept writing “Cape Code Weeder” as I wrote this post.  It’s the software developer coming out in me 🙂

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